Rheo seeks to hire and retain people that are willing to work diligently, be honest, and contribute to the overall development and progress of our company. People that align with our core values and can contribute their talents to our company, are people that we want to retain. Competitive pay, meaningful benefits, progressive career development, and a positive work environment are all critical to this objective. Simply stated, we do not want to lose valuable employees because of reasons related to compensation, benefits, or work environment.


We promote a work environment that rewards excellence. We value:

  • Uncompromising Integrity
  • Team Players
  • Exceeding Customer’s Expectations
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Innovation
  • Excellence in Craftsmanship


Design Engineer: The primary role of this position is to design a wide variety of machines and mechanical equipment that is used in the pharmaceutical and specialty chemical manufacturing process. This equipment is fabricated and built at our manufacturing facility for performance testing and design evaluation.

Engineering Project Manager: The primary role of this position is to oversee the successful delivery of solutions. Working with our internal design team, sales team, and our clients; the Project Manager delivers a solution that meets the design criteria, project budget, and project timeline over the entire project lifecycle.

Automation Engineer: The primary role of this position is electronic control design for Rheo projects and equipment. Design includes sourcing components, wiring diagram creation, PLC programming, and troubleshooting/debugging control systems.

Industrial Electrician: As an electrical technician, you will be responsible for the routing, connecting, and integration of various control utilities on custom designed machinery.

Machinist: This position involves the general tasks and skill requirements for operating machine tools and equipment on various projects at Rheo.

Please submit a resume and any relevant personal information and/or questions to: careers@rheoengineering.com.