Bin Blending

Bin blending offers many advantages when it comes to product blending during the formulation process. By using the transport container as the blender, there are fewer product transfers that have to occur. This simplifies the handling process resulting in safer operations, reduced dust exposure, improved manufacturing efficiencies, and easier cleaning methods.

Rheo in-house manufacturing allows our team to deliver fully customized bins and bin blending systems with the superior craftsmanship that our customers have come to expect, but with lead times that will fit your project schedule.

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Max Rotation Speed
20 RPM

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1000 kg

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Angle Offset
30 degrees



Bin Blender

The Rheo Bin Blender is a GMP, robust machine that is easy to operate. Preconfigured blending recipes can be set with the desired blend time, speed of rotation, and number of rotations to ensure a consistent homogeneous blend.

Bin Lifter

The Rheo Bin Lifter is a robust machine that is designed to help operators safely lift, transport, and position bins for discharge or storage.

Bin Rheo Material Transfer + Process equipment


Rheo offers a wide range of standard bin sizes in both square and round geometries. We can also create custom sizes to fit your application needs. Each bin is manufactured with the highest standards for welding and polishing, with large radius corners to allow for optimal cleaning.

Power Tug

The Rheo Power Tug is designed to engage with a wide range of heavy mobile equipment, ensuring safe and easy transportation throughout process areas.