Rheo offers a wide range of standard bin (IBC) sizes in both square and round geometries. We can also create custom sizes to fit your application needs. Each bin (IBC) is built to the highest quality and cGMP standards that our customers have come to expect from our team. These bins are designed to meet the strictest cleanability standards with all surfaces accessible and no hollow or limited access sections on the structure. All welds meet the Rheo weld standard and can be finished to various specifications depending on the application.



Common Specifications [customized per application]

Material of Construction 316 Stainless Steel
Surface Finish Product Contact Area: 25 µin [0.63 µm] Ra with ground and polished welds
Non-Product Contact Area: 35 µin [0.89 µm] Ra with smooth welds as laid
Corner Radius 2 inches [50 mm]
Outlet Size/Style 10 inches [250 mm]
Taper Angle 60 degrees


The following are some of the accessories available for the Rheo Bins (IBCs):

  • Sight Glass
  • Breather Filter
  • Vibrator Mount
  • Level Sensor Mount
  • Spray Ball
  • Bin Trolley
  • Forklift Pockets
  • Stackable Design
  • Split Butterfly Valve
  • SoliValve® Technology

Surface Finish

Rheo offers several different surface finish options to fit your application needs.

Visit our GMP Compliance page to learn more.