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Bulk Material Handling with FIBC (flexible intermediate bulk container) lifter from Rheo

Bulk Bag Lifter

The Rheo Bulk Bag Lifter provides a GMP, ergonomic, and portable solution for lifting, transporting, and positioning bulk bags for discharge into vessel manways or other process equipment. A powered strap hoist raises and lowers the bulk bag and is fully shrouded in 304 stainless steel.



Common Specifications [customized per application]

Load Capacity 770 lbs [350 kg]
Material of Construction 304 stainless steel
Surface Finish Product Contact Area: 25 µin [0.64 µm] Ra with ground and polished welds
Non-Product Contact Area: 35 µin [0.89 µm] Ra with smooth welds as laid
Utility 24 VDC Battery (includes 120 VAC, 15 A charger)
Pneumatic Utility Option Available
Controls momentary push button controls on wash-down control pendant
Hazardous Rating configurable for use in Hazardous Locations: Class I Divisions 1 and 2 [ATEX Zones 1 and 2] or Class II Divisions 1 and 2 [ATEX Zones 21 and 22]

FIBC Lifter controls for bulk bag handling from Rheo


Rheo offers multiple control options for this system. The standard configuration is a single pneumatic, proportional control valve. For the battery powered configuration, we also offer a PLC controlled system that provides additional control functions, such as a vertical shaking mode.


Heavy duty casters are used on the Bulk Bag Lifter to ensure ease of the movement by the operator. The battery powered option allows the Bulk Bag Lifter to be used without a tethered compressed air line or electrical cord.

FIBC (flexible intermediate bulk container) Lifter with heavy duty caster wheels for portability

FIBC (flexible intermediate bulk container) Lifter specifications and drawings from Rheo for bulk material handling


Rheo embraces a customizable design philosophy allowing our products to conform to particular application needs. These built to order machines can be tailored to accommodate the specific requirements of the application. *

* contact your local account manager to discuss your specific process and how Rheo can provide the best engineered solution.

Power configuration options from Rheo for equipment

Power Configurations

The Rheo Bulk Bag Lifter has several power configuration options available.

  • Fully Pneumatic: When compressed air is available, this is the simplest design with the least number of moving parts. This is the simplest choice for hazardous environments or for applications where mobility would not be hindered by a compressed airline.
  • Lithium Ion Battery Powered: This option eliminates the need for a tethered airline, therefore allowing for greater mobility. The system is designed for 1-2 hours of continuous use (5 or more hours of use between charges based on a 25% duty cycle). A 120 VAC charger is included. Hazardous area options available.


Rheo applies our high GMP standards to all our equipment and the Bulk Bag Lifter is no exception. All electrical components are housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure for full wash-down capabilities. Flat surfaces have been minimized to aid in water runoff.

Rheo' FBIC Lifter is completely cleanable

Rheo offers multiple surface finished for GMP compliance. See the options side by side.

Surface Finish

Rheo offers several different Surface Finish options to fit your application needs.

Visit our GMP Compliance page to learn more.