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Hazardous Area Label Printer

The Rheo Hazardous Area Label Printer [HA230] provides a safe GMP system for process-related label printing within a hazardous rated environment. This washdown enclosure is under continuous purge to prevent a hazardous environment within the printer chamber. This system can be configured for a variety of thermal label printer models and can be provided as a bench top unit or with a mobile trolley.



Common Specifications

Enclosure stainless steel purged washdown enclosure
Mounting Type fixed: bolts to wall
Material of Construction 304 stainless steel
Surface Finish 25 µin [0.63 µm] Ra
Utility Electric: 120VAC, 60 Hz
compressed air requirements are dependent on purge type and enclosure size
Features available for Type X, Y, or Z purge
ethernet I/P connectivity
painted white sub panel with din-rail mounted outlet and terminal block
optional remote I/O capability for monitoring purge status
Printer thermal label printer with thermal transfer ribbon or direct thermal print on label stock
automatically cuts and holds label in discharge chute
accommodates labels up to 4″ wide
flexible to fit most industrial thermal label printers