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Well-engineered, custom solutions are a critical element of our client partnership. While Rheo has a dedicated research program for new product development, we have recognized the need to offer an avenue for custom equipment that doesn’t quite fit into our existing product categories. Our engineering team has established a distinct process to perform this service, so we are able to design and deliver these custom projects. From expedited small components to extensive development of custom machines, our team understands the important balance of a quality design and an urgent timeline. Several examples of these projects are illustrated below; contact your local account manager to see how we can serve your project.



Fast Track custom equipment - Valve Lifter - Rheo

Valve Lifter

Oftentimes the placement of a heavy valve is an ergonomic challenge that must be overcome in the pharmaceutical industry; especially when connecting a valve with a tri-clamp ferrule connection in a hard-to-reach location. Rheo has developed a Valve Lifter that is designed to work with heavy rotary and split butterfly valves. The machine is designed to place valves either from above or below and can be configured to work with multiple sized valves via different attachments, which are fast and simple to change out. The machine can also be configured with different lift points to act as a light duty, GMP hoist for vacuum conveyance units or other pieces of equipment.

Detailed engineering drawings for Rheo Valve Lifter
Rheo Valve Lifter - Fast Track Custom Equipment
Rheo Valve Lifter image - Fast Track Custom Equipment

Column Lift

Rheo is able to design and build custom column lifts for use with drums, pallets, bins, or other containers. The custom machine shown below was designed to lift two drums at once and also tilt them both into an ergonomic hand scooping position, allowing to operators to simultaneously fill a tablet press hopper. This customized solution allows the operators to complete their operation without needing to use two separate column lifts or to use one column lift in one location at a time.

Rheo Column Lift
Rheo Column Lift Image
Rheo Column Lift
Rheo Column Lift Detailed engineering Drawings
Rheo Column Lift

Customization of power tug creates foil roll lifter

Foil Roll Lifter

This customization of the Rheo Power Tug gives operators the ability to ergonomically lift a 1000lb roll of foil from a pallet and install it in a packaging machine. The powered drive wheel allowed the loaded machine to be moved with minimum effort. Two drive modes allow for faster motion across a warehouse area and slower motion when in the proximity of the packaging machine for foil roll installation. This machine is battery-powered and shrouded in 304 Stainless Steel.

Detail engineer drawings of foil roll lifter

Wash Rack Lift

This battery-powered lift was designed and built to lift a was rack full of glassware from floor level up to place in an autoclave. The lifting tray included a clip-in receiver to prevent the wash rack from sliding off the tray when it was being moved into position. This machine addresses a common industry problem of handling heavy glassware racks safely.

Rheo Battery powered wash rack with lift
Engineering drawings of Battery powered wash rack with lift

Custom Cart by Rheo

Custom Valve Transport Cart

Rheo is capable of designing and building custom split valve handling carts for various applications. These transport carts allow for simple storage of expensive, heavy split valve systems. Ground and polished welds and no difficult-to-clean cracks or crevices create a GMP solution for valve handling. As with all projects, the Rheo production facility provides material, material roughness, passivation, and welder certification with all documentation.

Engineering Drawing of custom cart by Rheo

Rheo Lift Table

Lift Table

For this project, Rheo built a custom stainless steel lift table that used an electronically-powered hydraulic pump to raise and lower the table top throughout a desired range. This simple solution allows for operators of different heights to work at the same workstation by simply adjusting the working height of the system.

Custom GMP Fabrication

Rheo is capable of making custom parts to serve the GMP requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Using the Autodesk Inventor sheet metal tool, the engineering group is able to quickly design components to specification. Our stainless steel production facility has forming and machining equipment in house, and our experienced welding team will ensure that all project requirements are fulfilled. As with all projects, the Rheo production facility provides material, material roughness, passivation, and welder certification with all documentation.