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Product Screener

The Rheo Product Screener provides a simple and GMP solution for screening product in a variety of applications. With interchangeable screen sizes and an integrated Ventilation Sleeve to capture dust, this device is a very versatile product for the important task of capturing foreign material.

A screenshot from a video for the Rheo Product Screener

Product Screener

See the Rheo Product Screener in action in this video!

Dust Extraction

The integrated Rheo Ventilation Sleeve captures any dust that may be generated by the transfer of dry powders. Additional dust extraction ports can be fitted to capture displaced air in the receiving container. Air flow rates are controlled by manual damper valves.

This shows dust extraction and vapor control with the Rheo Ventilation Sleeve

The Product Screener with pneumatic turbine vibrator allows for quick screening of product.

Vibratory Screener

Using a simple pneumatic turbine vibrator, the screener allows for quick screening of material during various product transfer processes. Several vibrator variations and speed settings allow the system to adapt to various applications, from V-Shell Blender discharge to Drum to Drum Weighing operations.


A variety of options are available for the Rheo Product Screener to ensure the final product meets the application needs.

The following are a selection of some of the options available:

• Bag Disposal Port
• Product Chute
• Bag Landing Table
• Backsplash
• Wall Mount Attachment
• Integrated Bin-Lid

Options available for Rheo' Rheo Product Screener

Another engineering drawing of Rheo' Rheo Product Screener


This system is fully wash-down capable and can be quickly disassembled for easy cleaning. The removable cover on the integrated Ventilation Sleeve provides wipe-down access to all surfaces of the sleeve.


The Rheo engineering process allows the shape and size of the Product Screener to be customized to fit most applications. The screener can be built to work with any application height. Integrated Ventilation Sleeve diameters of 12 inches to 20 inches can be used with the Product Screener.

Rheo Product Screener engineering drawings

Rheo Product Screener screen mesh options

Easy Screen Change-Out

Multiple screen mesh sizes are available and can easily be switched out. Should the screener not be needed for a particular operation, the screen can be removed and the device can be used as a simple dust containment control.


The Product Screener can be connected to any in-house dust extraction system or mobile dust collector/filter system. Utility requirements vary according to the diameter of the integrated Ventilation Sleeve (airflow recommendations shown below).

Single hose nitrogen connection

Ventilation Sleeve Inner Diameter*
[Inches / Millieters]
Duct Size
[Inches / Millieters]
Extraction Air Flow Rate**
[SCFM / Liters Per Second]
Approximate Pressure Loss
[Inches WC / Millibar]
6-10 / 150-250 4 / 100 300 / 140 1.5 / 3.75
11-12 / 275-300 4 / 100 350 / 165 2 / 5
13-14 / 325-350 4 / 100 450 / 215 3.5 / 8.75
15-16 / 375-400 4 / 100 500 / 240 5 / 12.5
15-16 / 375-400 6 / 150 650 / 315 2 / 5
17-18 / 425-450 6 / 150 650 / 315 2 / 5
19-20 / 475-500 6 / 150 700 / 340 2.5 / 6.25
21-24 / 525-600 6 / 150 800 / 390 3 / 7.5
25+ / 625+ 6 / 150 Consult Engineering Consult Engineering


*For Elliptical Ventilation Sleeves, use equivalent circumference.

**Flow recommendations are calculated to provide:
• Capture Velocity [at center]: 150 ft/min (approximately)
• Duct Velocity: 3500+ ft/min

Rheo offers multiple surface finished for GMP compliance. See the options side by side.

Surface Finish

Rheo offers several different surface finish options to fit your application needs.

Visit our GMP Compliance page to learn more.